Diabetic Bakery


All Sugar-Free and some Gluten-Free. Pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, quiche, parfaits, wedding cakes, pastries (cannoli, eclairs, wannabe cupcakes, raspberry napoleons), cupcakes, Bundt cakes, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, scones, brownies, and more.

Hi and welcome to our website.  My name is Nanette Goin.  My husband, Bill, and I used to own the Just Delicious Diabetic Bakery located at 16100 SE 82nd Drive in Clackamas, Oregon.  We have closed the bakery permanently.  I HAVE RETIRED.  We will keep you posted via this page if anyone wants me to mentor them in opening a new bakery using our recipes (go to the mentoring page).  I will let you know where to go.   Dan and Ray have opened a sugar-free bakery like mine using my recipes.  They are called “Sin-able Sweets” and they are located at 165 E. Charles St., Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362.  Their phone number is 503-994-9249.  Their website is www.sin-ablesweets.com.  They are open to walk-in customers and they also mail orders throughout the United States.  Please call them or log onto their website for ordering.  The nutritionals per item are still the same as they are using the exact recipes.  If other S.F. bakeries open other places, I will inform you here.

Through the links we have pictures of what we used to make. 

If you are interested in the mentoring program anywhere in the United States, please contact me through goin1@comcast.net.

I have all information available to you on this first page.  Just click the links.  For pictures of the products, you will have to go through the website.

FOR YOU MOBILE USERS.  I have created links for you in this paragraph to make access easier for you.  Menu,  Price List,   Nutritional Facts,   Bundt Cakes;   Parfaits, loafs, Scones;  Jams, Dressings, Sauces;  Chocolates & Candies.  Click on each of these and the information pops up. For you web users, you can click on the links or on the right side of the page in the side bar I have links that you can click on, view, and print the information.

Further down this page we have great pictures of our pastries.  Or, run along the banner at the top and there will be drop-downs with categories.  Each have pictures for visual aid.

We have always been a “Sugar-Free” bakery, but because we have many commercial accounts, and the purists that come to the bakery who question the “natural sugar” in the fruits and nuts, we have had to re-brand ourselves as “No Sugar Added”.  I have always stated the natural sugar in fruit and nuts on the Nutritional chart, but what this means is we DO NOT ADD sugar, honey, molasses, or man-made sweetener that is not natural.  We use Xylitol, Stevia, and Wax Orchard’s fruit sweet.  We try our hardest to provide you with the best and safest product possible.  About Our Sweeteners

Our entire bakery is No Sugar Added, but we understand the need, or personal choice, of many to have Gluten-Free as well.   Please check out our Gluten-Free page.  Go to the top banner and click on Gluten-Free, scroll down and see what we have.  We even have visual aids. We have been reworking our recipes to lower the fat and calorie content for you.  Gluten-Free flour is not inexpensive in calories.  We use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free flour mix because I trust Bob’s to do an excellent job mixing a superior product for us to use.

We also have a nutritional chart  that gives you all the nutritionals per portion size.  The last column are the new points for the weight loss program that uses them.  I can’t use their name, but we all know who they are.  “THERE IS NO WAY THESE NUMBERS ARE RIGHT!”  Some people feel the need to go public with their thoughts with no facts to back up what they are saying, but I have put our recipes through a very expensive nutritional program to get the figures we print for you on our Nutritional sheet.  Many times we are able to trade oil at 1,200 calories a cup for something else that is 100 (you noticed we kept our secret ingredient secret).  We have gone to great effort to provide flavor, no aftertaste, and lower calories.  But please remember, we are a bakery and not a health food store.  We do use flour and other such stuff.

If you are wanting to have our bakery goods shipped to you, please check out the shipping page.  It does have some restrictions on shipping frosted cakes and anything with whipped cream.  Our whipped cream is delicious BUT HATES TO TRAVEL and plays dead at your doorstep.  It’s such a wimp. Remember nice people – WE DO NOT SHIP OUR FROSTED CAKES.  We can ship a three layer cake with filling of your choice, but we cannot frost it.  We can send the frosting with instructions for you to make and frost the cake yourself.

In 2008 we started our bakery with good desserts that had no refined sugar added to the recipe and NO AFTERTASTE.  We wanted to provide a safe and delicious (hence our name) bakery for diabetics to come to and enjoy some goodies that have been denied them for years.  Since not everyone lives in Clackamas, Oregon, we decided to make shipping our product available to all states (even locally) so that others might enjoy the perfect dessert.  Just because you can’t, or chose not to have sugar, doesn’t mean you’ve lost your “sweet tooth.”  It must be satisfied.

Over the years we have finally settled on Stevia, Xylitol, and Wax Orchard’s fruit sweet to sweeten our fabulous cakes, pies, and pastries.  We cannot take the natural sugar out of our berries and nuts, but we list the natural sugar on our Nutritional Sheet.   Here are some sample pictures of what we offer.  Of course, with your phone call we can custom each cake or pastry to you.

Chocolate and Vanilla Bavarian Cream Eclair                    200 cal.    8g fat    2 carbs

Vanilla Wannabe or WANNABE for short.



These éclairs are a customer favorite.  I cannot tell you how many of these we go through on a normal day.  Made with a light, airy pastry shell filled with either Chocolate or Vanilla Bavarian cream, then topped with our dark, rich chocolate, then white chocolate on top.  The Bavarian is rich, smooth, and ever so creamy.  Many an eye has rolled when the flavor and texture hits the tongue.


Some other delights are the Vanilla and Chocolate Wannabes.  They are a large chocolate cupcake on steriods filled in the center with either chocolate or vanilla Bavarian Cream (there we go again), dipped in rich, dark chocolate, and squiggled on top with white chocolate.  These are incredibly delicious.


CANNOLI             175 cal.     6g fat     19 carbs


My personal favorite is the cannoli.  It has a sweet crispy shell filled with whipped cream, then drizzled with dark, rich chocolate and creamy, ever so yummy, caramel. I have had many a one for breakfast. My feeling is life’s short – eat dessert first especially if faced with lima beans.  When mailing the Cannoli we replace the whipped cream with Bavarian cream.




The Raspberry Napoleon is three layers of puff pastry filled with rich vanilla Bavarian cream, our own raspberry filling, and topped with whipped cream, raspberry, and white chocolate.  We also have the Chocolate Napoleon made with Chocolate Bavarian and drizzled with chocolate ganache.


Our 12 pack of cinnamon rolls.

Our 12 pack of mini cinnamon rolls.  We only mail the 9 pack.

We are told that we have the BEST cinnamon rolls anywhere. Warm them up for about 20 seconds and they are unbeatable.

We are told that we have the BEST cinnamon rolls anywhere. Warm them up for about 20 seconds and they taste like they just came out of the oven.  They are unbeatable.