Mentoring Program

We offer a mentoring program so that you can develop a business of your own like ours.

For $25,000 you are entitled to use Just Delicious’ proven recipes.  You receive a list of all our suppliers, what we order, costs of product, monthly expenses (except personal data specific to our bakery and has no bearing on your business,) a list of equipment needed.  We used to offer 7 days minimum on hands training in our bakery, but we not longer have that option as we have closed the bakery.  We will come on-site and train you in your own personal kitchen.

If you are interested, please contact us at and I will respond.

Nanette & Bill Goin

9 thoughts on “Mentoring Program

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to post it. We appreciate it. Keep spreading the good word about us. Nanette

  1. I moved to Eugene and lost my sheet that shows weight watchers points for some of your items. Is it possible for you to send or fax those sheets to me at 541-284-2466? I will be ordering online now that I know it can be done. I was in Milwaukie a week ago and was able to stock up but now I can do it online. Thank you! Your site is great!

    • You can always go to the website and click on menu on the right side of each page. Same with the nutritional facts. You can print from that screen. This way you can always have a good one for quick reference.

    • Thank you for thinking our website is a pleasant place to go. I have worked very hard to make it fun and informative. Visual aids are good too.


  2. Thank you very much for your offer. I will keep this in mind if I feel the need to relinquish the task. I am making time today to come in and add some pictures and check on messages. Thanks for writing. Nanette

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