People Say the Nicest Things

Often we hear from our customers and they say the nicest things about us. They let us know that they are happy we are open and available.  They appreciate that we care about them and the safety of our food.   It is my pleasure to share some of these testimonials.  They are unsolicited and I had to ask their approval to put them on our website.

***  Marie Kennedy from Welches, Oregon

I am just writing to tell you how grateful I am for your store. We’ve only been customers for a few months, but you have been a huge help in helping us to empower our lives with sugar-free treats. Personally, I’m doing low-carb right now, but I love (love LOVE) the oatmeal raisin cookies, pretty much low-carb.  I have one for breakfast daily, and most often, I’ll indulge myself with another one at bed time.

I work with two gentlemen who are diabetics. One of them recently had a birthday and I got him a caramel pecan cake. Absolutely amazing! No one at the party could tell that it was sugar free. It was a huge hit!

I want to add that in addition to being bright and well-educated about the product, your staff are always kind and patient. I’ve never had them be short, even when I couldn’t make my mind up quickly enough and people behind me were tapping their feet a little impatiently. That’s not true everywhere! They’re obviously happy and proud to be working there.

You have changed my life, and the life of those around me. Your staff is wonderfully kind and helpful and your baked goods are simply amazing. When you’re doing something right in business, you should hear about it.

Again, thank you for all you do.

Thank you!
Marie Kennedy
Welches, Oregon

****   Brewster Mitchell from Portland, Oregon

I’m not usually the type to send feedback to a business (terrible, I know), but my wife brought home a Bavarian creme eclair from your bakery, and it was possibly one of the best sweet baked goods I have ever eaten.

We are not diabetic, but we do watch our sugar/carbohydrates very carefully in our home for health.

I just wanted to say that you brightened my day with how delicious that eclair was (seriously it was better than 99% of the full sugar/flour eclairs I have ever had), and that whenever we need a sweet treat, we will be back to Just Delicious.

I have also added trying some of the breads to my “To Do” list.

Thanks a million,
Brewster Mitchell
Portland, OR

****  Cindy from Beaver, PA

Over the years I have come to order many of JD’s product line (the stuff that can be shipped anyhow) and have deliciously enjoyed every single item.  My personal favorite is the Wannabe, and the éclair, well the cream puff too and all of the muffins.  As you can see I believe I have a long list of favorites, I can’t choose just one.  Nanette and her wonderful staff always go above and beyond for their customers.  I think that’s why they have such a regular, loyal customer base.  While I have never been to Oregon (not yet anyhow) I do place regular mail orders and don’t plan to stop. This bakery is truly a piece of heaven!

****  Mary Rix from Gresham, OR

My family and I have been devouring Just Delicious products for the past three years. From muffins to cookies to multiple dessert options… everything is simply “Just Delicious”. And just when you can’t think it can get any better, they create new options. When I serve JD products to others, their eyes light up after the first bite and say, “these can’t be sugar free.” Yup, but they are, taste so good, and don’t have a bijillion calories! Our church has offered Just Delicious sugar free desserts at special events the past three years. Together now with the addition of gluten-free options, those with special dietary needs rejoice they too can enjoy yummy options. Nanette, Bill, and staff excel at customer service and coming to the rescue for special occasions. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful bakery in our area for sugar free and gluten free options.

Totally satisfied customer and fan of Just Delicious,
Mary Rix
Gresham, OR

**** Wendy B. from Portland, OR

Wow!  A great selection of wonderful baked goods, my favorites include the wannabes (think Hostess chocolate cupcakes on steroids only much tastier), oatmeal cookies, haystack cookies, chocolate eclairs with vanilla filling, scones (try the bacon cheddar-oh yum), all the muffins are great, cakes and cupcakes and parfaits and the peach pie is so delicious.   The owner is wonderful and the staff are helpful and nice.

Many of the choices are Weight Watchers’ friendly too!

10 thoughts on “People Say the Nicest Things

  1. I love your cup cakes..!!!
    My sister bought the red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the banana with I think it was whip cream frosting for my Bridal shower.
    Red Velvet is my favorite and these cup cakes were the best by far. Moist oh my, if we had not know they were sugar free we would have had not one clue!!! I am now rethinking the wedding cake…. Cup cakes would be so fun… and yummmy.
    Thank you
    Kimberly Winter
    Albany, Oregon

  2. You seriously need to publish a cookbook! AND go on Cupcakes Wars! My husband and I are not diabetic, we just choose to limit our refined sugar consumption. Thank you for making delicious desserts that are much better for you. =)

    • You are most welcome and thank you for your kind words. If we published a cookbook than you wouldn’t have a need to come see us and we would miss you. Keep up the team work on the dragon boat. Nanett

  3. Oh we would still come and see you if you published a cookbook. It’s funny because the bakery in New York and California called Babycakes thought the same thing. Then she finally published a cookbook, (now two) and her business at her bakery is still booming. By publishing a cookbook she realized she could reach out to a much larger audience. =)

  4. I have type 1 (formerly juvenile diabetes) Your goodies are incredible! As good as the ones I used to enjoy in the Netherlands. I espeically apprciate that you include the nutirional info. I use an insulin pump, so it is very important that I know the carbs so I can properly dose the insulin. Thank you for making such yunmy things. I knew there had to be a reason I left Southern CA and move to Portland. I will be stopping by your store soon.

    • We are so happy that you are enjoying such goodies and are happy. We were made for you – really. Your health is important and we are glad that we can provide goodies that you can enjoy.


  5. Best bakery ever. I live in Idaho now but I order once or twice a month. The scones are my faves! As a Weight Watcher I eat at LEAST one every day sometimes two and continue to loose weight! I also enjoy the parfaits. Both are only 2 points+ each.
    The staff are always fun and very helpful. Bottom line…..The bakery is the BEST!

  6. Dear Nanette,

    You treated me like family today, and I cannot express how much I appreciate it! Here in MI, I struggle to make my baby brother’s birthday (a former Marine) special. He told his wife this year not to get him a cake because of the sugar. Today I got the idea to search for a sugar free bakery by Clackamas…and God gave me you! You helped me choose just the perfect cupcakes and delivered them with a hug and a smile! God bless you and thank you! They loved the cupcakes and felt very special!

    • It was such a pleasure to deliver the cupcakes to him. Little brother my foot – he is tall and good looking. You made his day by sending him the cupcakes and a big hug.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to write. It made my day. You touched his heart by doing something so special for him. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.
      Warmly, Nanette

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