The Graveyard

I guess there has to be a graveyard in every business.  Fortunately for all of us, everything that dies is not set in stone.  We can resurrect the goodie IF there is enough demand for it to make a miraculous recovery (like in Hollywood – not everyone “really” dies.)

Sometimes we pull an item because it’s seasonal or it ceased to be popular.

Right now the S.O.B. is making a comeback this summer.  A lady asked why I named it after her first husband.  I told her he was just as charming to me as he was to her, but actually it stands for Strawberry, Orange, & Banana muffin.

We did kill the Caramel Blondie and have no intention of bringing it back.  It was the stickest, messest goodie we have ever created and when we lost our caramel for 4 months, we shot the Blondie in the back room and buried it in the back lot in a unmarked grave.  Trust me when I say – No amount of sweet talking will get that made for a special order.

We have pulled the Chai tea, pumpkin, coconut, and SOB muffins.  We do special orders of 12 if you would like have them.  We ship them all the time to our customers who cannot do without.

We have also pulled the pumpkin and ginger spice cookies.

Unfortunatelly, we can no longer get the cream puff shells so no more cream puffs. I know, you loved them, but…..

We kicked the Jalapeno bacon cheddar scone to the curb too. Not enough interest.

So sad because it was really good, but the 5″ Blueberry Peach and rhubarb pies are buried in the back along with the caramel blondies. So is the 9″ blueberry, rhubarb, raspberry rhubarb, and blueberry peach pies. No harm though, we have so much other good stuff for you to chose from.

If we have pulled your favorite, we do special orders of a dozen or more.  Feel free to ask.

We are always looking for new things to make.  If you have suggestions, please let us know.  Please use the email address – I still haven’t learned how to respond to the “comment” section of the website.  Our email is   I check it many times a day.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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