The Perfect Gift

Wouldn’t it just be the cats’ meow to receive a special package on your doorstep every month for a whole year filled with the greatest goodies, or a fresh baked pie.  Well, you have the power to make someone’s day that special.

Read on ……..

About 1-1/2 years ago Jerri Lynn wanted to give her dad the best birthday gift.  She lives in Texas and he lives in Washington.  She decided to do a different pie each month and have it shipped to him around the middle of the month.  Originally the gift was for one year, but Jerri called and extended it another year because her dad so looked forward to that special pie every month.  Through trial and error we learned he liked the berry, cherry, & apple best.  One month he kinda fell in between the cracks and we realized a week late that we had not sent him his pie.  I called and found out from his lovely wife that he had been going to the porch each day looking for it.  We have not forgotten him again.

Kevin in Portland, Oregon is having a special cake delivered every month for a year around the 25th to his mother.  She absolutely loves cake, must have sugar-free, and we are the perfect solution.  He pays for delivery and we show up with a beautifully decorated cake.  This son knows how to treat his mom.

The point is, no matter the age, receiving a box of special sugar-free baked goods from Just Delicious Diabetic Bakery, a new book from the book club, different wines or beer, or fruit-of-the-month each month is something to look forward to and anticipate.

Consider goodies shipped or delivered every month to someone special to say you care and are thinking of them.    Give us a call and our excellent staff can get all the details and make it happen!  The joy of giving and receiving is “priceless.”

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