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Don’t want to drive to the bakery, please call these stores and place your special orders and pickup on their delivery days from us.  These four stores carry a larger selection of our products.  They have been with us for years and they cater to their client requests.

Fred Meyer at 39th and Hawthorne 503-872-3307
Fred Meyer Hollywood store off NE Broadway 503-280-1307
Fred Meyer Burlingame store off Multnomah Blvd 503-452-3307
Fred Meyer Stadium store at 20th Place & NW Burnside 503-273-2011

We are in 118 Fred Meyer/Kroger stores as of June 1, 2015, but they are carrying the vanilla wannabe (big chocolate cupcake with a funny name), vanilla eclairs, and 7 different muffins.  Kroger has more items picked out for the future.  If your store is not displaying our product in their pastry case, ask the Bakery Manager to order from DPI and get them in for you.

Creatures of Habit   coffee cafe in the Sunnybrook building at Sunnyside Kaiser Hospital.  As you walk in the front door you can smell the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee.  Take a left and follow your nose.  It’s a short walk.

Good Samaritan Hospital Cafeteria on 23rd and Lovejoy, Portland, Oregon.  They carry an extensive selection of our pastries, cookies, parfaits, loaf slices, 6 different muffins, and 4 different scones.

Crossroads Cafe at 82nd Drive and Oatfield Road is a great cafe for excellent coffee, food, and our bakery treats.  Kick your shoes off, join friends, and it’s even wi-fi.  They take several orders a week of our bakery goods so they are always fresh.

New Seasons Markets – Fisher’s Landing,    2100B SE 164th Avenue, Vancouver, WA    360-760-5005.  They are carrying the parfaits only.


10 thoughts on “You Can Find Us at

    • Anything is possible if you are serious. I can ship anywhere in the world, but you have to let me know what works best for you in shipping and how much you are willing to pay.


  1. Hello nanette. Eric from Austin. How have you been? just got back from a month and a half road trip. I would like to put an order in if possible. anything new creations available?

    • Yes we are, but I don’t check the website for orders. We can be reached at 503-657-4547 or 1-866-801-7566 toll free for quicker response. We encourage phone calls or emails regarding orders. Please feel free to contact us Monday through Saturday so we can be of better assistance to you. Nanette

  2. I don’t see any locations in Vancouver, WA?? Would love to try your stuff, my mom is a newly diagnosed diabetic and would like to find a convenient place that has yummy special treats for her.

    • Hi Leslie: New Seasons in Fisher’s Landing carry some of our product. We ship all over the nation, including locally. You will have your package in one day and it’s inexpensive to ship locally. Give the bakery a call at 503-657-4547 and let’s see what we can do for you. Please visit our website at and see all the pictures we have to show off our product. Run you mouse along the top banner and there will be drop downs under each category. Slide down to each side menu and see what we are offering.


  3. We want to know if you gays made private labels. We are food distributors located in Miami, Fl. for more than 20 years.

    • No, just our own label. We supply the Kroger stores (118 Fred Meyer stores) in Oregon, Washington, & Alaska. We have our store front and bakery. If you are interested you should contact me at 1-866-801-7566 and we can chat.


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