Our Sweeteners

We have found over the past 8 years of baking and research that we feel comfortable with four different sugar substitutes.  Below is a brief description of each.

Steviva Blend:  Stevia Blend combines the highest quality stevia with an all natural gluten free fermented grain extract, Erythritol.  Erythritol occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, and has properties similar to table sugar, but without the carbs and calories. This product is easy on digestion, and with a zero glycemic index, is also safe for diabetics. It also is low calorie, low carb and gluten free – No maltodextrin & No GMO’s. It is made here in Portland, Oregon by Thom King at  www.steviva.com.

Stevia:  which is related to the Chrysanthemum is about 25 times sweeter than sugar in its natural state.  After it has gone through a natural water extraction process what remains is over 300 times sweeter than sugar with no calories or carbs.

Magnesium Carbonate is a natural mineral and used as an anti-caking ingredient.  It also aids in calcium absorption and enzymatic activity.

It is made here in Portland, Oregon by Thom King at  www.steviva.com.

Xylitol:  We are purchasing Xylitol made from the American White Birch tree.  Our bodies naturally make up to 15 grams of it daily and is a normal part of the human metabolism.  Xylitol helps prevent tooth decay, reduces bone loss caused by osteoporosis, enhances mineral absorption in tooth enamel, increasing its strength, & increases absorption of calcium.  The use of Xylitol increases our ability to create new products that we couldn’t before with our other sweeteners because it acts and bakes more like real sugar.

Sucralose:  Safety has been confirmed from more than 100 studies over the past 20 years including toxicology, oncology, neurology, pediatrics, etc. Sucralose is in the liquid flavorings that we use and our brown sugar substitute.

Fruit Sweet: A natural product from Wax Orchards located in Washington State. Made from the juice of Apples & Pineapples & slow to process. It is gluten free, Diabetic friendly & NO preservatives! It will not spike your sugar. In Wax Orchard products, you will find nothing but real, pure food: no additives, no chemicals. www.waxorchards.com

Maltitol: We do not use this sweetener as a sweetener. It is in two products we receive and cannot be taken out, BUT we want you to be aware that some of our products have this sweetener in the garnishment. Maltitol is a sweetener made from corn. It is in our melting chocolate and melting caramel.  It can cause intestinal distress so let us know if you have a sensitivity.  Then there are those who can eat this until the cows come home and never be affected.  Where’s the justice in that.

We DO NOT USE aspartame, maltitol, saccharin, honey, Nutri-Sweet, or molasses as sweeteners.  Our milk chocolate candy does have some maltitol, but not the dark chocolate candy.