We ship anywhere in the United States.  All shipments go through the U.S. Post Office in Priority medium or large boxes. Shipping & Handling for a medium box is $14 and $19 for a large box.  If shipping in Oregon, the rates are less because we do not use a flat rate box.  There is an additional charge for gel ice when shipping dairy products.  I have gotten pretty good at reducing postage costs when I can.

  • Two day delivery anywhere in the United States (so says the post office.) It will arrive when your mail is delivered.   Everything is individually wrapped for freshness.
  • Gel Ice is used when dairy products are shipped. There is a $1.00 additional charge for each bag. We use gel ice because it lasts longer than dry ice, does not dissipate and create shifting room within the box, and is reusable at your end.
  • We do not ship our frosted cakes OR cupcakes. The frosting is too delicate and won’t make the journey. We do suggest you check out our Bundt Cake menu and make your selection from there.  They come with frosting that you melt & pour over the cake.
  • Our whip cream items have the same problem. Cannoli’s and cream puffs are filled with Bavarian cream instead.
  • Our cookies ship, but some are more fragile than others and may come with a few cracks. We try to pack so this doesn’t happen, but it happens.
  • At time of order we will take your credit card information for final billing.
  • We ONLY ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It’s rare, but orders shipped on Thursdays have not been delivered on Saturday, so we have removed this shipping day. All orders must be in the post office by 4:30 PST so plan accordingly.  I DO NOT SHIP SATURDAYS.  We are really busy at the bakery and I do not have time to step away from our customers.
  • Call us on our toll free line: 1-866-801-7566 (or 503-657-4547 locally) and speak with us directly. You can order by email, but some days we are so busy we don’t have time to check our emails in a timely manner.  I prefer you calling us so we can get your credit card information at the time of order.  I do not like that kind of information floating through cyber space.
  • ONCE THE POST OFFICE HAS YOUR BOX, THAT BOX IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL. We are not responsible for late deliveries or damage to your box. All pastries and parfaits are shipped with ample gel ice to keep them safe while traveling.
  • We have done everything possible to ensure that your order is delivered on time, but things happen beyond our control. They are shipped with a tracking number and insured.  We have a copy of your order and all information related to your order on file at the bakery.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please feel free to call anytime.  Our hours are Monday 8 to 6, Tuesday thru Friday 7 to 6, and Saturday 7 to 5.   WE ARE ALWAYS CLOSED ON SUNDAY.


Funny true story below …………..

When my wife and I came home today from Salem, my surprise for her of a box of cookies for Valentine’s Day was sitting on the porch.  I had just placed the order with Just Delicious a day or two ahead and was delighted to see that the box had arrived.

But we were both more surprised when we went to pick up the FedEx box.  Apparently, a squirrel with a sweet tooth, had found the box earlier, got a whiff of the contents (through the cardboard) and tore into it.

Luckily his (her) desire was frustrated by the plastic bag obstacle immediately inside and the attack was repelled.  The only damage done was a gaping 3 inch plus hole in the box.

Moral of this factual story?  Keep on “packing” the way you have been doing, it is apparently formidable protection.

Thanks for the cookies, and thanks for the service

Doug Hutchinson


 Thank you, thank you

My aunt really loved all the cookies.  She is going to hide some in her freezer in the basement so she doesn’t eat them all in one day.  She loved the box and the special birthday wrapping and the taste.

I will tell all my friends how you really came through on delivery and taste and quality.

Thank you again, Candy